Something completely different: Etching Collages by Laura Morton

Those of you who have visited our Healdsburg tasting room will know that we try to showcase the art of local artists on our tasting room walls.  For the past few weeks and through October 9, 2014, we have been showing the unique etching collages by Laura Morton, a near-local artist.  In case you cannot make it to our tasting room by October 9 (or to persuade you to come to our tasting room by that date), we thought we would post Laura’s bio and a few images below.  Cheers!

Laura Morton Image 1

“Water and Light”


Laura Morton Image 2

“Blue Midnight”


 About Laura Morton:

Laura Morton was born and raised in Omaha, and spent more than twenty years living in the Midwest. She studied at the Colorado College, Doane College, Creighton University, the University of Nebraska, Joslyn Art Museum, and the University of Wisconsin, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Art through the School of Education.

Morton’s love of nature and art moved her into the varied mediums of drawing, printmaking, photography, watercolor, metalworking and enameling, batik, embroidery and quilting, etched and stained glass, and ceramics. She began showing, receiving acclaim and awards, and selling her work while still a student.

In 1980 the artist moved to California where she and a partner opened Cirrus Gallery in Mill Valley.  Showing their own work and that of many fine Bay Area artists, the two women built a highly respected and well-loved gallery.

In late 1983, then sole proprietor, Morton was injured in an auto accident. She was forced to close the gallery, and spent a year recuperating.  Art became part of the recovery process.  Along with renewed enthusiasm for doing her own work, a bolder style emerged.

The artist began teaching art to children in 1985 privately, through public schools, Parent-Teacher Associations, the Gifted-Talented Program, County Arts programs and recreation centers. She continues to enjoy teaching children and adults, and does so as her schedule allows.

Morton works now on etchings, etching collages, monotypes, acrylics, sculpture and jewelry. Her etchings range from miniature to large; from delicate and detailed to bold and powerful.  Her monotypes and acrylics are colorful and painterly, strong and upbeat.  Her etching collages include abstracted recognizable images as well as totally non-objective ones.  Jewelry making is an ongoing fascination; there are limited edition earrings available.  Each is handmade and unique.  Metal sculpture is a recent joy for the artist.  There are objective and  non objective works, most done in steel.

Morton has exhibited and sold her work privately and through shows and galleries in Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. Her works are available for purchase; she will also consider commissioned pieces.  The artist can be reached at her studio home.



Visit to Trimble Vineyard

Trimbell, Rabbit etc 0914 011


We checked in on the Carignane grapes at Trimble Vineyard last week and took samples for testing in the lab.  While there are a few more raisons on the vine due to the drought, the dry-farmed vines are holding up well, and the grapes should be ready to pick late next week.

Trimbell, Rabbit etc 0914 014


Trimbell, Rabbit etc 0914 010


Trimbell, Rabbit etc 0914 013

Our Crush on Barbera and Primitivo

Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights

The Barbera and Primitivo grapes arrived from Damiano Vineyard late last week, almost exactly 3 weeks earlier than last year.  At this rate, we will be through with the 2014 harvest by mid-September!  Here are some images that follow the action from the arrival of the grapes to the tank.

14Barbera and Primitivo 007

Arriving from Damiano Vineyard



14Barbera and Primitivo 008

Tasting is better than any scientific measurement



Sorting things out

Sorting things out


After the de-stemming

Shaking things up


Into temporary vat

Ready for a relaxing soak




A pressing matter

Viognier0814-1Three weeks earlier than planned, 3.3 tons of Viognier grapes arrived from Damiano Vineyard Monday.  They were in beautiful condition and we were able to go straight to the presses.  Here are some photos of their short journey to Christian’s taste buds once they arrived at our facility:


Viognier14 and Elaine's chairs 005

One of 6 bins

Viognier14 and Elaine's chairs 002


Viognier14 and Elaine's chairs 008


Viognier14 and Elaine's chairs 013

The tipping point


Viognier14 and Elaine's chairs 021

Modern sampling of the result


Viognier14 and Elaine's chairs 019

The traditional test






Happy 2015!

0814 Bottling3

We bottled our 2013 Damiano Vineyard Viognier, Trimble Vineyard Carignane, Eaglepoint Ranch Counoise and Kick Ranch Grenache and Syrah last Thursday.  These wines — about 500 cases — now need to rest in their bottles, and we hope to send them your way in 2015. 

A Happy New Year it will be!


0814 Bottling1







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